Bajaj Lighting >> Incandescent Lamps
Gls Clear Lamps
Item Name Price Description
100W Rs. 13.50 230V
60W Rs. 12.00 No Description
25/40/60W Rs. 12.50 230V
200W Rs. 20.00 250V
300W Rs. 62.00 250V
500W Rs. 87.00 250V
40/60W RC (Reinforced Construction) Rs. 11.50 250V
100W RC (Reinforced Construction) Rs. 12.50 250V

Gls Milky Frosted Lamps
Item Name Price Description
100W Milky Rs. 13.00 No Description
40/60W Frosted Rs. 11.50 No Description
100W Frosted Rs. 12.50 No Description
40/60W Milky Rs. 12.00 No Description

Special Lamps
Item Name Price Description
15W Decorative Coloured (Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/Orange/Milky) Rs. 12.00 230V
40/60W - 45mm Clear Rs. 19.00 230V
40/60W - 45mm Frosted Rs. 20.00 230V
15W Clear Rs. 11.00 230V

Item Name Price Description
15W Pigmy Clear Rs. 18.00 230V
10W - Frosted Night Lamp Rs. 11.50 230V

Item Name Price Description
40/60W Candle Clear Rs. 16.00 230V
25W Candle Clear Rs. 15.50 230V
25W Candle Frosted Rs. 16.50 230V
40/60W Candle Frosted Rs. 17.00 230V

Item Name Price Description
75W - 95mm Reflector Rs. 67.00 230V
100W - 95mm Reflector Rs. 73.00 230V
150W - 95mm Reflector Rs. 78.00 230V
40W - 63mm Coloured Reflector Rs. 36.00 230V
50W Halogen with Rs. 50.00 12V
40/60W - 63mm Reflector Rs. 32.00 230V

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